Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wonder Festival Summer 2011 Part 7: Everything Else

In this final report from Wonderfest, we look at the rest of the patchwork potpourri that makes up this massive con. That includes other toy makers, dealer tables, masks, props, exhibits, and the odd appearance from the ever growing Doller population threatening to debrain us all.

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Hey how'd these guys sneak in here??
 Godzilla Dream:



I dug this dealer's wooden toys!

Wooden maiden!
 Big Daddy Roth:

Nice toys with cool light up eyes

Woo you lookin' at?

They are multiplying!

This very unique display had a toy swimming round and round in a bowl of water.
 Keitai (Cell phone) bot:

 Kaiyodo Figure Museum exhibition:

 Star Wars 501st:

Shield yourself!

Another Blade Runner themed booth, with amazing props, figures, and vehicles.

He's back with his happy slinky toys!

T's Facto:


These guys were at the last show. Looks like their fantasy themed army is growing!

This resin figure has ball joint like articulation. Impressive!

 Metal Box:

Raibu House:


Black Rabbit:

 Book signing:

 Ultraman booze!

The Last Kappa exhibition:


 Fewture Models:


 Sci-Fi Revoltech:

I think they were filming a live show here.
 Griffon Enterprises:

And that's a wrap..Remember to stay tuned to Kaiju Korner for more event reports, toy releases, and toy culture coverage. Thanks for reading!

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