Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wonder Festival Summer 2011 Part 1: Medicom X Massive Sofubi Exclusive Previews

Today, Wonder Festival proved once again that it's an unmatched goliath in the toy world. I don't think there's another toy show on the planet that sees so many releases, previews, and new + used toys for sale in a single day, including SDCC. Of course, that's a 5 day show, so they may match up if you compare them in their totality.

WF combines many types of toys: resin kits, diecast, sofubi, indy, mainstream, gore, goth, and even x-rated. (You need to show your ID to get into that section.) I took over 1,000 shots, and even after sorting them out, it's too much for one post. So I'm going to divide it into a few.
Let's start with Medicom's amazing, out of the blue display of upcoming sofubi releases. We've seen how over the last year, they've worked with a ton of indy designers. It looks like they're just getting started, since I spotted previews of nearly a dozen new releases. I think this is the first time many have been shown publicly. Here are the pics:
Upcoming Medicom exclusives by MVH/Lash, Max Toy, and others.

Ollie close up. (release date to be determined)
A better look at the Max Toy release, from the Max Toy booth. (release date is August 6)

Real Head
More after the jump:


 More shots from the Medicom booth:

Kaiju Korner's Wonder Festival Summer 2011 Report Log:

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Part 2: Sofubi ... art-2.html

Part 3: Resin Garage Kits ... art-3.html

Part 4: 3A + Goodsmile Company ... -4-3a.html

Part 5: Cosplay ... art-5.html

Part 6: Digital Toy Production ... art-6.html

Part 7: Everything Else ... art-7.html


J.ME. said...

those new release are really great!!
Hope I can get Ollie, Kaiju Dualos, Chaos Meow, and SPACE GUY-56

andy b said...

I agree some of the upcoming exclusives are amazing! What surprised me is there was no notice or preview for most of the figures. They were just there in the cases, sitting there like sushi. I'm glad I spent 7 hours walking around and taking photos so I had a chance to see and photograph them! ^_^

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