Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wonder Festival Summer 2011 Part 2: Sofubi

The sofubi world was very well represented at Wonderfest, with many booths selling new releases and debuting upcoming figures in various stages of development. Seeing everything at WF takes a lot of walking and searching, as booths at WF aren't, for the most part, grouped according to toy type.

So a tip for those attending is go through the program book, locate the booths you want to visit, and circle them on the map. You'll still want to walk through all 3 massive halls, though, since a lot of toy makers share booths, and not everyone's name is in the program book.

Here are 200 pics from the sofubi booths, from A to Z:


 Atelier G-1

More after the jump:
Atom A Armwrestler



 Creative Design


 Dr Strange Toys

 Dream Rockets

The sign says this will be a Hyper Hobby exclusive.

 Grody Shogun and pals

New figure Luke is working on

Unpainted GID

Paul Kaiju Seagool test shots

Another new Grody Shogun figure, by a European artist


Sammo Hung debut release

 Kinnikuman Nostalgic Sofubi Collection



 Max Toy and pals

Upcoming Medicom exclusive

Debut releases

New figure preview

Micro Eyezon preview

Another new figure


MVH x Blobpus Dead Stocker
 Nerd One

Upcoming release

New heads for Stereogon
New head for Real Head adult figure

 Shamrock Arrow
Lamour Supreme's new figure. It was sculpted by Mirock.


Lots of protos in the next few shots:


 Sunguts and Pico Pico

 US Toys



 Yamomark and PP Pudding

Debut release

Kaiju Korner's Wonder Festival Summer 2011 Report Log:

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Part 2: Sofubi ... art-2.html

Part 3: Resin Garage Kits ... art-3.html

Part 4: 3A + Goodsmile Company ... -4-3a.html

Part 5: Cosplay ... art-5.html

Part 6: Digital Toy Production ... art-6.html

Part 7: Everything Else ... art-7.html


Storey said...

Those Cyborg 009 figs are sick! Who made them and when are they available?

Jon said...

Dear God! That New Velocitron Figure is MASSIVE!!!

andy b said...

Not sure Storey - it's the first time I've seen them.

Jon - you got that right! It's a one toy wrecking crew!

aleX wald said...

Looks like some one-off colors on the Atelier G-1 Garakutagigas---haven't seen these ---and I'm the designer! Thanks for your great coverage!

Paulkaiju said...

Not Seagoon Andy, it's Seagool.

andy b said...

Alex - hah hah awesome - breaking news for one and all! ^_^

Paul - fixed

andy b said...

A bit more info Storey - the Cyborg 009 figures were made by Denboku.

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