Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blobpus x GUUMON Custom Show

Today, a new show featuring figures and customs by Blobpus and GUUMON opened today at the Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku. The exhibit runs through August 4.

Notable was the debut appearance of the Enma Ollie. Kaji-san painted a slew of Enma one-offs for the event and showed off a sample of the debut production release, which is available for preorder on the Blobpus website now.

GUUMON also came out swinging with a grip of customs from Mr. GUUMON (Brian Mahony), Mark Nagata, Bob Conge, Dead Presidents, and a bunch more.

Event pics, starting with wide shots and then moving on to close ups:

 More after the jump:
Enma one-offs:

 Debut production release sample:

 Other Blobpus figures:

 GUUMON customs:

I love this one!

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J.ME. said...

Enma Ollie with gold teeth is amazing

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