Monday, July 4, 2011

Bandai Tamashii Nations Exhibit (July, 2011)

One of the mind boggling things about Tokyo is you can walk around a corner and literally stumble on a toy exhibit, right out of the blue. Maybe that's not so surprising in Akihabara, where I wandered through a tunnel adjacent to the JR station and found myself staring straight down the shiny barrel of a loaded toy bazooka: The Bandai Tamashii Nations Exhibit.

Googling the Interwebs, I found another Bandai show a couple years back at the same location, so maybe it's a permanent fixture with a shifting exhibit? Anyway, the current exhibit is more like a double barreled bazooka (I'm sure some character in anime land has such a thing). One side is like a temple to Saint Seiya, the venerable anime series that's still churning out sparkly figures decades after the show's initial run. The other side features Gundam and other toy properties.

Now, I'm the first to admit this isn't my area of expertise, but I figured enough folks out there are fans of the toys and would enjoy a gander at the shiny geese. One thing's for sure (as I said about Bandai's exhibit at the Tokyo Toy Show) - these guys sure know how to put on a display!

Saint Seiya:

Check out the above pic to see the scale of this thing!
 More after the jump:

Magnificent display! I'd love to have some sofubi figures set up in a toy temple.

Figure under a black light

Looping video about Saint Seiya

Wall chart on the line's legacy. I love stuff like this.
 Gundam and other toy lines:

Another gorgeous display - brilliance in simplicity.

Some of the figures are on rotating daises. (Yes, I had to Google "dais" to get the plural. Who am I - Noah Webster?) I've also thought having some of these to display figures would be fun.

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