Monday, July 18, 2011

Jyarinco Store Visit (Shop closed in 2014)

NOTE: The shop closed in 2014, but I am leaving the post up for posterity.

Jyarinco is one of Tokyo's best independent toy stores. The shop sells a mix of new and vintage sofubi, diecast, action figures, erasers, and a whole bunch more. It's near Machiya station, which is pretty easy to get to, as it's served by Tokyo Metro's Chiyoda line as well as the main Keisei line (which is easiest to catch at Narita or Ueno station).

Incidentally, just another few stops up the Keisei line is Aoto (Shinto Gangu), and not far away on the Chiyoda line is Kita Senjo (HUGEST). So it's easy to combine a visit to Jyarinco with one or two other stores. (All these shops are on my Tokyo toy shop map).

Jyarinco is open most days (closed Wednesdays), but you might want to call them before heading over to make sure. Tel: 03-3893-4045

Store shots:

More after the jump:
New sofubi:

Nice unpainted case
Diecast and action figures:


Other character toys:

 Giant toys!

Thanks for visiting!


The Letter D said...

Amazing! That sounds like a wonderful time, and I'm seriously jealous.

andy b said...

What I've trying to do here is build a resource for collectors. Please use it (especially the toy store info and maps) if you have a chance to visit Japan (which I strongly recommend!)

Unknown said...

Hi Andy what's your email? Need your help finding some toy stores in Japan.

andy b said...

Send me a message through the KK Facebook page.

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