Monday, April 29, 2013

Super Festival 62 - Indie Toys

Today's Super Festival was fantastic. It had a great mix of debut releases, new versions of older toys, protos of upcoming figures, makers attending the show for the first time, guests from classic TV shows (like Ultraman Taro and Barom 1), and one heck of an amazing Ultraman Taro exhibition, which I'll post about later.

Let's start with a look at the indie toy booths:


 230+ pics after the jump:

Blackbook Toy
This is the I've heard of Blackbook toy. Their website:

Frank Kozik design. Made of sofubi.


The sign says this is a May 5 release. It's a date I saw all over the con today for releases and other events.

Once again, this was a very popular booth.

Comet Debris

Cosmo Knight Alpha

Edition of 10. The figure did not come with the light/strap.

Dream Planet Japan
Not sure if we've seen this outfit before. Very nice folks. Their website:

Made of resin

Another great new first. I talked to them, and they're Tokyo based and have been making toys for 10 years, but I believe this is their first time at Super Festtival.

I really like this one.

Another really fun toy.

Fewture Models

Upcoming figure: Super Fes mascot! I flipped when I saw this. The ultimate tribute to the legendary show.

This Churchill figure is made by a Hong Kong based company: DID and sold in Japan by Fewture Models.

 Fig Lab

Upcoming Re-Bootleg figures by Paul Kaiju. Click here for a full post on the figures with more pics and info.

Upcoming figure



This and the next two are made of resin and sold unpainted in small boxes.

Grody Shogun + Velocitron

Hell Painter
Very intricate resin pieces by this maker. Some are sold finished. Others are sold as garage kits. Here's their website:

Adam West!!!

Jetturre + Handsome Tarom

Upcoming May release.

Kaiju Ken

Released today

New figure designed by Kami-san of Jyarinco and sculpted/made by Kaiju Ken. There's no shortage of two-headed figures out there, but I really like this one.

Kenth Toy Works
Very friendly crew

Sofubi. Debut Japan release. The sofubi figure first debuted in California recently at TAG.

Key Hole Eyes (booth name for a bunch of toy makers exhibiting together)

Dig the cloth vest!!

I love the new packaging!


The next five figures were all sold in the morning. Marmit's boss was nice enough to let me photograph the samples indoors for clearer shots.


Nerd One

Comes with the body in a separate bag.
Omiso Factory
I believe this is the second time we've seen this outfit. Their blog:

These masked rings were sold blind bagged. I think there were a few different colors made.


Upcoming Refreshment Toys release for Design Festa 37 (May 18-19).
Rampage Toys
TONS of toys + customs from different makers at this booth.

Hello and welcome to the booth!

Secret Base
This was the only thing on the Secret Base table. I believe it was 4,000 yen for each figure in this new Artist Series. They're all different heads, so I took shots of each one.

Shamrock Arrow


I thought this was a pretty neat dude.


First Napalm Death in years, painted by Dennis (Shirahama).
Sunguts + Pico Pico

Really dig the old school sci-fi vibe.

TV show
US Toys


New figure. The figure on the left was today's release. The top hatted one is a sample, and Yamomark isn't sure yet if they'll release it since it's a very difficult paint job, I think it looks fantastic, so let's hope they do!

Upcoming figures. (It seems we're always saying that about Yamomark - they're amazingly prolific!)

And that's our look at the indie toys of Super Festival 62. It was a pretty good show, I'd say!

I'll feature the Ultraman Taro special exhibition in an upcoming post.

Thanks for reading!


psilo110 said...

great coverage as always. thank you for your dedication!

krakit said...

I kept scrolling and scrolling
and enjoying the photos. Thank
you so much for sharing so much
with us.

The Super Festival mascot figure
is impressive.

I always get a kick out of seeing
the Fig-lab Finger Five figures
especially Lamour's design of the
huge eyeball in the hand.

Thanks for posting the link to
OMISO Factory's blog. I just
added it to my RSS feed reader.

I really like the colors on the
MOTUKO from Shamrock Arrow.

Yamomark's upcoming walking
starfish-like monster with
the one eye is calling my name!

I'm glad Marmit let you take
some quality shots of their
samples. That Frankenstein
monster looks so freaky fun!
It seems to have an unintentional
Ed Roth flavor to it in my

riCkNatioN said...

How I regret not having attended. Anyway, I hope I do not miss the next one. Lots of great toys.
I very need the Shikaruna 'Green Slime' monster. Do you think it's sold out?.
The FrankenKaiju is awesome and the coming Cyclop by Frenzy looks very promissing.
Thanx a lot for the coverage and a wonderful site.

CMR said...

Just like being there! thank you so much for this awesome coverage.

andy b said...

Thanks guys!

I agree about the mascot figure Krakit, I'm looking forward to seeing it produced.

I love seeing new or newish outfits like Omiso and putting up links to their sites to help get the word out.

The Motuko is a really nice one - one of the best so far.

Rick - I'm not sure which Shikaruna figures sold out.

Definitely lots of interesting new figures and proto sculpts shown for the first time. The year's shaping up to be a fantastic one!

krakit said...

just a note : this post didn't
show up in my RSS reader

andy b said...

Hut sorry about that. I haven't changed any settings or anything. Hopefully smooth sailing going forward. :)

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