Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kaws x OriginalFake Star Wars Mini Darth Vader and Stormtrooper

Today, a mini Kaws inflected Darth Vader, a mini Stormtrooper, and some other things (like an incense holder and Snoopy keychain) were released at OriginalFake in Tokyo. Here are some shots of the minis.
The packaging is very secure.

The figures are about 1.5" tall. Given that, the level of detail, especially on the Vader, is pretty good.
 More after the jump:

The arms can be moved.

The material for the Stormtrooper feels a bit softer, and the arms are somewhat flexible, but they don't stay in place when rotated.

Size comparison with vintage Takara 8" sofubi Vader.

Size comparison with vintage Takara 8" Stormtrooper.
I asked at the shop and was told that OriginalFake will close at the end of May. Before then, another larger Kaws figure will be released, maybe lottery style? I think they had an entry form for it at the shop, and the lottery is open another day or so.

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krakit said...

These look great!
Congrats on getting them!

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