Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ultraman Taro special exhibition at Super Festival 62

One of the coolest things at each Super Festival is a special exhibition set up in one of the event rooms. Unfortunately, these displays don't tend to get as much attention as the dealer tables and set ups in other halls. I think that's in part because the exhibits are in the same room as the "talk shows" featuring tokusatsu dignitaries from classic and newer shows. In fact, sometimes the theme of the exhibit coincides with one of the event's speakers. But the focus of the people in the room is on the speakers, and there's little foot traffic otherwise.

So, though not quite as high on the radar as some of the other SF happenings, I've been trying to highlight these exhibits in separate posts, since they can be spectacular in their own right. Super Festival 62's exhibit focused on Ultraman Taro, which aired on TV from 1973-1974.

In two large showcases, there was a cornucopia of Taro related merchandise, from toys to books to lifestyle products like slippers. It was almost a time capsule of what you might find in the room of a young Taro fan in the 1970s.

Here are some pics of the display:

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