Sunday, April 7, 2013

Yusei Majin news - past, present, and future

Here's some new Yusei Majin information, fresh from my recent visit to Cosmo Knight Alpha.

In a previous post, I wrote about the backstory of Yusei Majin and what led to its production as an indie sofubi figure. Part of the story (actually the beginning of the process for the creators of YM) was a green bootleg Ooze It released in Japanese gacha machines in 1983.

I just learned that there wasn't just a green and red Ooze It bootleg. The line also contained a completely different figure.
There was also a two-piece blue base (with silver spray) figure of the same size that looks like something right out of the Ooze It universe. It looks like it could be an original design inspired by Ooze It. Here it is alongside the green bootleg.
The figure adds an interesting new twist to the story.
Next, here are pics of the CKA window display, showing a nice side by side view of lots of Yusei Majin releases:

 More after the jump:

Finally, Yoda-san showed me this shot of upcoming new head + arms for the figure, which I think is a completely brilliant homage to Le Voyage dans la Lune:
No firm release date yet for the debut version, but the word is possibly in a few months.
The groundbreaking 1902 film by Georges Méliès:


KobzillaToy said...

Great sofubi !

riCkNatioN said...

Not very into ooze monsters but the Méliès one is awesome. Want!
Thanx for the report.

andy b said...

Yeah I'm really looking forward to seeing how that turns out. One of the most creative new toys I've seen in a while, and a perfect addition to line.

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