Sunday, October 30, 2011

Store visit: One up @ Akiba Zone

One up has a new branch in Akihabara. The store is located on the third floor of Akiba Zone, a 6 floor complex that contains a bookshop, coffee shop, clothing stores, toy stores, a gigantic showcase shop, and even a yo yo store.
The sparkling building is about a 2 minute walk from the Mandarake Complex.
It's an unusual complex, with several of the floor layouts feeling more like a toy convention than a traditional multi-tenant building. In place of traditional walls along the hallways, many retailers have put up glass showcases, allowing them to use the entire space more effectively and show off more goods.
Even the floor occupant guides, with all the companies' logos, feels like a toy show.
One up has one of the most efficiently designed and well-stocked shops. The focus is on indy toys, including sofubi, designer toys from Western and Eastern artists, platform toys like Bearbrick, and blind boxes. There's also a smattering of mainstream toys, clothing, and other odds and ends.

Here are the shop's main details, followed by store shots:

Hours: 11:00 AM - 8:30 PM
Address: 〒101-0021  東京都千代田区外神田1−7−6 AKIBAカルチャーズZONE 3FC
Closest station: Akihabara
Map (I'll get to adding the location to the Kaiju Korner Tokyo Toy map, but for now, here's the official map):

Congratulations to One up on the new store!
On to the toys. First, a look at some of the grand opening exclusives. (Click here for a more comprehensive write up.)
Ken, One up's owner, told me that this case may be the site of future shows (lasting maybe a week or so) focusing on indy makers like Dream Rockets and Sunguts. Awesome idea!
 More sofubi:
More after the jump:

Nice Max Toy figures and a beautiful Dead Presidents Tripus.

Huge array of Sunguts figures and Max Toy minis.

Nice CCP display

This case has Kaijin, Itokin Park, and tons more.

 Bearbricks and more indy toys:

Impressive Pete Fowler case.
 A bit more mainstream:

 A look at the center of the shop.
Even the metal shelving has a pop up shop/toy show feel to it.

Tons of blind boxes
Kubricks and other minis.

One up always has a bunch of tiny figures for sale. They seem to be popular!
 Finally, there's a clothing rack:

From the elevator. On the right you can see logos of a bunch of companies whose stock is carried by One up.
Well, that's all from One up and Akiba. I double checked with Ken, and One up will be keeping two stores open in Nakano Broadway - one on the third and one on the fourth floor. However, the Akiba Zone location will be the place to go for the best selection of sofubi and other indy toys.

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