Thursday, October 27, 2011

One up news

One up has been a marquee presence in Nakano Broadway for years. A while back, it branched out from its store on the 3rd floor to another on the 4th floor, and then yet another on the 4th floor (just a few months ago), which you can see here.

Well, last in, first out. The latter of these recently closed. Also, One up has also significantly scaled back its remaining 4th floor sofubi and designer toy offerings.

This is perhaps all in preparation for the opening of a new One up branch in Akihabara. The store, which opens tomorrow, will be in a new building: Akiba Zone. (Another Broadway stalwart, Robot Robot, is also opening a new branch in the zone.)  Here's the location:
Here are pics of One up's current indy toy offerings at its 4th floor Broadway location:

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