Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Glowdy to the MaKKs stage one clear!

The ordering window for the sale is over, and all the invoices have been sent out. (Please remember payment is due within 48 hours.) Thanks to everyone who ordered, and thanks in advance for your patience as the figures are made, painted, and prepped for shipping. 

For everyone's reference, the ordering e-mail was:

Irene and I would like to thank Luke and Amy for being so great to work with, and we'd like to give a huge Kaiju Korner shout out to everyone who ordered and e-mailed, for your support and kind comments. You guys rock! :O)


Monsterforge said...

A big thanks to you, Luke, and Amy for making these little guys so easy to obtain and fun to collect! Can't wait to see the little goon in person! This will be my first Grody Shogun figure! :D

andy b said...

Right on dude. Thanks for ordering and getting in on the fun! :O)

snakepunchesfox said...

Monsterforge said it!
This will be my first Grody Shogun figure as well.
Can't wait...Anticipation City!
Thanks again for turning me on to GS and the greater world of Sofubi!

andy b said...

That's awesome. Welcome to the world of sofubi. :)

The final order for the Monster Karas is in Luke's hands, so hold tight folks as the figures are made. :)

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