Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NYCC exclusives - sofubi and resin roundup

As New York Comic Con is set to open, I wanted to put together shots of some of the fantastic sofubi and resin exclusives being offered at the show.

Paul Kaiju
NYCC Boss Carrions
Lulubell x Paul Kaiju
NYCC Exclusive Seagools (at Lulubell booth)
Bob Conge (Plaseebo)
"murder of Skulloctipy" customs by Bob

Molezilla (at Tenacious Toys booth)

 Grody Shogun
Mashup madness - painted by Luke Rook

Fans can color in this Monster, pay $35, and Luke will interpret and paint up the design.
More after the jump:

Cherry Vinyl x Tara McPherson
Tara McPherson's "George" in resin (Lulubell booth)
 Cherry Vinyl x Femke
New figure "Le Chat" by Femke (at Lulubell booth)
Nathan Jurevicius
"Akis" in resin (Lulubell booth)
Ultrus Bog one-offs
Ollies painted by Skinner

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore
Ollie runs for NYCC (Rich will also have customs and other surprises on hand)
NYCC exclusive Cadaver Kids (at Toy Tokyo booth)
Rampage Toys

Ugly Unicorn (at Tenacious Toys booth)
 Lamour Supreme
Resins painted by Lamour Supreme (at Mishka booth)
Mongolion (available at Super7 booth)
Cure x Mishka
Cure Boogieman (at Mishka booth)
Nag Nag Nag
Debut of new Zombie toy (at Mishka booth)
Pete Fowler
The Prince (run of 25 painted by Julie B  - available at Clutter Booth)

Onell Designs has a booth at NYCC, but no preview pics. Info from their blog:

We are set up at NYCC Booth #578! The scenario is a little different this year as we have merged our booth with Sidekick Media (booth #576- thanks Tom) for some extra space for all our friends who will be at the table throughout the show.

A small batch of preview figures from next week's launch will be available from us, but the truly cool stuff will come from the visiting artists who will be offering all kinds of new work that is collectively glorious to behold! The Godbeast, The Sucklord, Uamou, NistuffHealey Made, Peter Kato, Lamour Supreme, Bah'glenn Creations, Steve Jackson Games, Spaced Out Design, Eat Your Children, and Kranix are just a few of the artists that will be rolling out fresh toys to check out.


Pushead is scheduled to appear at the Toy Tokyo booth on Saturday, Oct 15 at 4:00 PM to sign figures. He'll also have some secret releases .


I give Mimoco a shout out whenever I can. They make excellent USB flash drives with tons of character/license related content bundled on each stick. This year at NYCC, they're selling a new Emily the Strange Mimobot drive. Check out this awesome promo video:

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