Monday, May 9, 2011

Real Headz store visit

Real Headz, which opened a few weeks ago, is a kind of sister store to Shinto Gangu. It has some toys for sale, but the focus is on apparel - mostly T-shirts. The shop features designs by many members of the extended Real Head family, including Real Head, Mirock, Nerd One, Onell Designs, Cord Viper, and more.

The shop is in Aoto, just a few minutes from the train station. It's also a short walk from Shinto Gangu.
The Real Head homepage has the shop's opening hours.
Gacha machine at the entrance!
 More after the jump:

Real Headz is where you can get your Tanuki on!

Nice chance to get some blanks!

Chaoq cell phone straps!



 Wall decorations


krakit said...

Cool seeing those
Z.O.M.B.I.E. toys there

Unknown said...

Do you know if there is some way we can order tshirts?

andy b said...

Maybe try checking with the Real Head USA site?

Demiurgo said...

Hi, do you know if this store is still open?

andy b said...

No I haven't got any recent information about the shop, sorry.

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