Saturday, May 14, 2011

Design Festa 33 - Part 1: Toys

Design Festa is one of those events where nearly anything goes. In recent years, that's been a very good thing toy-wise, as more and more indy sofubi and other toy makers are launching customs, new releases, and even showing prototype and upcoming releases at the event. Today's Design Festa had some excellent toy offerings, including a bombshell preview paint sample (shown for the first time) of RESTORE'S upcoming vinyl figure!
A lot of exhibitors put serious prep time into their booths, and I wanted to put up a few pics as a nod to those efforts.

 Tons more after the jump:

OK, onto the toys!

Like at the last DF, a bunch of indy makers pooled their efforts in a row of sofubi goodness.

 Max Toy:

The Lady Maxx comes with two heads. The little resin dudes are Captain Max figures by Nerd One! No word yet if these will be released for sale at some point.


The Dokugans are all one-off customs by the master himself: Kaji-san.

Upcoming Blobpus x Yamomark release!

 Dream Rockets:

In-development prototype of a new Dream Rockets character!

All kinds of fun releases and customs from Sunguts this year!

 Pico Pico:


Glow goodness!

 There were a bunch of other toy exhibitors on the first and fourth floors.

Mirock and Coccodo:

 Fig-Lab and friends:

Paul Kaiju toygasmic display! (Only the Boss Carrion was for sale)

I love this resin dude.



Paul Kaiju resins. Swankin' display!

Suckadelic representing at the Big Site.

Squid Blaster resin figure!
 Diorama guys:


Paper Toy Monsters:

 Tin toy dudes:
The heads are plastic, mounted on tin toys!
These dudes not only walk, but their arms swing, plus the head moves from side to side!

 Few Many:


This is the first ever showing of the off-the-charts Debris Japan painted figure. The accessories and details are insane! Besides the sofubi figure, you've got paper, metal, and resin parts. Plus, there are something like 7 points of articulation! Abe-san told me the debut release of the figure is expected to drop this summer.

This is another upcoming character, which will be sold just as a head.

 Atelier Pu:

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Design Festa report, which will feature art, performances, cosplay, and a whole lot more!

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