Monday, May 16, 2011

Erostika store visit

Erostika is the store front for Rockin Jelly Beans' vivacious, voluptuous creations. With a swingin 60s rockabilly meets surf culture vibe, the store explodes with vibrant colors and daring designs. Over the years, RJB has built quite a following with his prints, apparel, and toys. And he's brought it all together in one of the best-designed shops in Tokyo. There's also an Erostika in Nagoya, if you make it out there.
The Tokyo shop, which I recently visited, is in Harajuku, is in the same building as Secret Base and Bounty Hunter. You can find the location here, on the Tokyo toy map I put together.

Here are some pics from the shop:
Some of RJBs toys, jewelry, and other designs.
 More after the jump:

His Invisible Woman was a huge hit.

Some of RJB''s popular prints.

There's even an RJB I Phone holder!

Skate decks and other cool stuff.

Look out Jane Fonda!

What's a store without a pole dancing set up?

The store also has some women's apparel.

Only the best service from the friendly staff!
To see some of Rockin Jelly Bean's fine art, click here for my write up of the recent Monsters Showcase two-man gallery show.

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Unknown said...

One of my favorite stores.

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