Sunday, May 15, 2011

Design Festa 33 - Part 2: Art, performances, and everything else!

Welcome to part 2 of Kaiju Korner's Design Festa 33 coverage. This is what DF is about: raw creativity across countless platforms - in paintings, postcards, concerts, multimedia displays, and just about anything else you can think of (and some you might not ever think of!) Here's a taste of what Design Festa 33 had to offer:

 Much more after the jump:

Not sure how long this guy held out, but kudos for the effort!

Lots of leather work at the show.

Booth made of cardboard!

Along the center of the 4th floor, and in other areas, there are canvases (some are gigantic) which you can watch artists paint and draw.

Sumo snow globes!

The crouching figure on the left is covered with real moss.

Fortune teller row.

Fashion show on the 1st floor.

A ton of work went into this booth!

Tolchock Dinner Show tore it  up on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.

These amazing metal creations have parts which buzz, blink, and move! Check out his work here:

Breathtaking performance art. One of the best at DF 33.

Temp (I'm guessing!) tat work

DreamGrasshopper. Here's his YouTube page:

These booths are always fun. People set it up and then just hang out drinking tea, chatting, playing video games, etc.

Add caption here.

The food court had cuisine from France, Turkey, China, Japan, and more!


crokittycats said...

I have to ask, did you happen to get the name of the artist of the cat masks & sculptures?
And below was that Simon Yotsuya in a sailor fuku?

andy b said...

Wish I could say, but I'm not sure- sorry about that!

crokittycats said...

That's okay! Luckily your picture is large enough that I was able to make out her booth number and do some searching! >^-^<

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