Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Toy View: Side by Side

I've added a link list off to the right for an ongoing feature: Toy View: Side by Side.

The strongest sculpts are often the ones that hold up best over multiple versions. Side by Side is basically a look at two versions of the same figure, from multiple angles. I love seeing how designers bring out a character's personality through different paint apps. The design can be simple or complex and feature 2 or 20 colors.

Looking at two versions of a character side by side immediately shows the figure's depth and flexibility. It's sometimes hard to believe you're looking at the same toy! But that's just a sign of how talented everyone in the process is, from the designer to the sculptor to the painter. Seriously, these guys pour their hearts into their work. Hats off to them all!

The first two Side by Sides have featured Chaos Next and Chaos Stereo. I'll see what I can dig up for future installments!

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