Monday, February 21, 2011

Figure spotlight: Dead Presidents' Rayon

Rayon is one of the coolest versions of the Cosmic Squadron line, the debut character of indy sofubi design house Dead Presidents. It combines elements of classic space figures, homages to vintage toys, and new twists that stamp it as a Dead Presidents original.
The packaging is fantastic. Classic bag and header card, but also with a heavy stock insert card which doubles as a backdrop and, on the flip side, a larger version of the header card art.
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The header card itself features something I hope we'll see more of from other designers: full credit to the whole team involved in the creative process, including the designer, sculptor, and header card artist.
 Figure details:
Rayon stands about 6" tall. The base color is clear vinyl, with red and silver spray. The helmet and parts of the body are misty, which looks like an intentional "weathered look." (It looks like some glittery material was mixed with the vinyl to achieve the effect.) I personally find this to be the weakest part of the figure, since it obscures the design and doesn't quite pull off the weathered effect. I would have preferred an all clear base with just the spray.
The helmet is removable, which is great since the figure looks better without it. Here the design gels nicely and shows off the Monster Kolor paint (also designed by Dead Presidents) used to paint it.
 The figure has a flag on its left shoulder....
 ....and a number on its back.

 This shot shows off the very nice head sculpt by Sunguts, one of the best toy sculptors out there.
 And here's a close up look at the pipe cleaner inserts - always a fun touch with clear plastic figures!
Finally, a word on the articulation. The figure has five point of articulation, but unless you want to leave the figure in a spread eagle pose, the legs have to be kept straight to allow the figure to stand on its own.

All in all, this is a really fun first figure from Dead Presidents. Looking forward to seeing what else they come up with!

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