Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ilanena's 10th Anniversary Dai Kaiju Card Monsters Custom Show

Today marks the opening of Ilanena's 10th anniversary show, featuring customs from many international artists plus a retrospective of Ilanena's toyography. First off, a huge *congratulations* to Ilanena on such a big achievement. 10 years as an indy designer, artist, film maker, or anything else is a massive accomplishment. My hat's off to you, sir.

The event is being held at the Alternative Cafe. I should stress this is a *working* coffee shop, so folks who stop by to look at the figures (which line both walls) should be respectful of that. The staff are very friendly and understand there will be lots of toy nerds showing up to check out the toys. But while you're there, why not order a cup of jo, have a seat, and enjoy the free wifi.

OK, let's go. 40 pics after the jump.
The toys on the bottom shelf along the right wall are lined with the participating artists' custom sets. (Looks like a few of the custom sets haven't arrived yet. I'll get those up as they arrive at the show.)

The figures are now on sale at the Alternative Cafe. After the show ends, whatever's left will be sold online through fig-x.jp and fig-lab.com.

Click on each image to supersize the pic.

Aaron Blstr:

 Lash (Rich):

Comet Debris (Koji):

 Irene Fu (Kaiju Korner):

Galaxy People (Brian):

Kaiju Big Battel:

Lulubell (Luke):

Toybot Studios (Kirkland):

 Velocitron (Ricky):

Shirahama (Dennis):


 Paul Kaiju:


Mark Nagata (Max Toy):

 Daniel Goffin:

Datadub/Fig-Lab (Don):

New arrivals:

Brian Flynn:


The show also features a massive retrospective of past releases of Ilanena's Dai Kaiju Card Monsters.
 Some up close snaps:

There are only 2 of these (Ilanena keeps 1 example of every toy he makes). I actually won the set that was auctioned at the Taipei Toy Festival a couple years ago. Each figure has on-impact LED strobe light inside. ;-)

Kaiju Korner exclusive set #1.
Kaiju Korner exclusive set #2

Finally, here's a short video I shot of the show. Sorry for the quality!

The show runs through Feb 20, so if you're in the area, make sure to head over to the Alternative Cafe to check it out!


toybot studios said...

awesome. thanks again Andy. my custom is the totem pole guy

andy b said...

Info added!

Yardarm51 said...

Brilliant. Man I wish I could have been there. Love the customs and the fact that all these great toy makers came out to support Ilanena!

andy b said...

Thanks Gord. It's fun heading back and seeing the show grow as more figures pile in. It's quite a sofubi extravaganza!

ralph c said...

Andy your coverage never fails! Thanks much!

Unknown said...

Thanks Ralph! This show is like a serpent (the good kind that brings you fruits and berries...not the kind that swallows you alive) - it keeps getting bigger and better!

AUXPEER° art | brand | content said...

thank you andy for these great impressions... simply awesome!

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