Saturday, February 5, 2011

New from Shinto Gangu (2.3.2011 - 2.5.2011)

This week saw an absolutely outrageous explosion of sofubi brilliance from Real x Head. And it was across so many characters: Mutant Chaos, Beast Chaos, mini Eel Chaos, Fortune Cat, mini Fortune Cat, ChaoQ, and Chaos Bean. Just the last 3 days alone have been epic.

Today's releases:

 More after the jump:
Releases from 2.3.2011 - 2.4.2011:

Clear purple has been big this week!

Double pour GID clear purple Beast Chaos.

Painted version.

Gorgeous in gold ChaoQ!

Clear mint green Mutant Chaos

Painted version. Reminds me of mint Aero!

Translucent shot of the figure
 Store shots:

Not for sale. Painted version coming soon....

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