Saturday, December 11, 2010

Studio Uamou Grand Opening

Today marked the grand opening to the public of the Uamou Studio. Congratulations Ayako! As a sofubi (among  other mediums) designer, Ayako Takagi has come a remarkable way in a short period of time, and the studio brings it all together very nicely.
Studio Uamou is in Akihabara, just a few minutes north of Akihabara station. As a matter of fact, it's directly beneath the train tracks. So, just head north from the station (following the tracks), and you'll see 2K540. It's a brand new complex which houses the studio, along with dozens of handicraft shops, cafes, galleries, and so on. Click here for a map.

Studio Uamou is a small space, but, in the tradition of many fine toy stores, it packs a lot in! You can find plenty of sofubi toys, of course, as well as collab pieces, plush, metalwork, jewelry, and more...Here's a smorgasborg of store shots:

More after the jump.

This dude is pretty heavy. Fiberglass maybe?

Hi Ayako!

One of my fav things in the shop

Very cool tree. Lights inserted into clear Uamou figures, which were painted (dipped, I guess) by Shef.

Figure on the left is a to-be-released Shef design. Shweet!

The studio even has point cards!

Why is this sideways? Sometimes I think Blogger is sentient and just likes messing with people...

There's an adjoining coffee shop, complete with a serious toy display. Wasn't quite ready to open yet.

Here's what I bought. Kamen Rider puffy inserts. ^_^
And there you have it! If you're in Akiba, Studio Uamou is well worth checking out. Come to think of it, another way to get there is to make your first right after passing Golden Age. Walk two blocks, and you'll see 2K540 on your left. To learn more about Uamou, here's a link to the Uamou webpage. Have fun!


Unknown said...

Can't wait to get the new rainbow Uamou! :)

Anonymous said...

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