Thursday, December 23, 2010

News from Shinto Gangu

Kind of a slow day at Aoto, since Mori is gearing up for the next show. Still, a couple of mini releases, and more shots from the shop.
Today's releases.

Before the eye insertion.

Unpainted version of this popular collab

Alien dude with GID Head body. Freakishly cool.


Edward said...

the orange mini fortune cats are damn adorable. Any idea if they would be released anywhere else?

andy b said...

Aren't those cool? Sorry, no idea how they'll be distributed.

Edward said...

Looks like I have to resort to lurking! Thanks btw for letting me know!

krakit said...

The alien dude with the
GID head body is known as Bibo.

Here is a YouTube video that
highlights his wackiness on
the show he was on :

andy b said...

Awesome info! Just watched the clip and was told this show was hugely popular in Taiwan 20+ years ago. It's bizarre this is the first I've heard of it, but I do appreciate the knowledge! BIBO! BIBO! ^_^ (I have to wonder if this was the inspiration for Pikachu. Hmm...)

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