Sunday, December 26, 2010

Group show at Shinto Gangu

Today, four designers - Real Head, Atom A, Cord Viper, and Skulltoys - got together in Aoto for a group show hosted at Shinto Gangu. Besides a ton of releases, it was a good chance to hang out with fellow toy nerds.
On a chilly December morning, the sofubi faithful were lined up ready for the show!
One mega collector passed the time by taking shots of custom figures.
As we were waiting, Mori came over with hot drinks for everyone. Classy!!

The whole enchilada.
More after the jump.

Because so many people were in line and space was limited, only four people at a time were let in. OK, let's go - on to the toys!

Atom A

Yep, you guessed it! The long appendage is a nipple.
There were only three of each of the Atom A Mutant Chaos, so people were only allowed to choose one - either the pink or blue.


 Real Head

So stoked to see this one released!

The unpainted clear blue in the back was also released (limited to 4).

 Cord Viper

Here's what I picked up.


Anonymous said...

Niceness!!! Cord Viper's stuff is nice.

Unknown said...

your haul is always spectacular!!

andy b said...

Thanks! It was a fantastic show. Glad to deliver the reportage.

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