Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chaos Next 1 and 2: Side by Side

Chaos Next is one of my favorite new Real Head figures, combining the Mirock Chaos Head with the Nextman body. Both the scale and overall look go really nicely together.

The two December releases were shown in this month's Hyber Hobby. The first (green and metallics on flesh body) was a Shinto Gangu store release. The second (metallics on black body) was released at the store's Dec 26 four-man show).

Here are some side by sides for a comparative look at both figures. (Click on each hi-res shot to see the original size):


ralph cosentino said...

I'm with you Andy, the Chaos Nextman is a fantastic figure. From the design/sculpt to the first two colorways...just beautiful! I haven't been this excited in anticipation of the next release of a figure in a looong time!

andy b said...

Thanks for posting, Ralph! Isn't it amazing how well Chaos fits in with so many other characters? Here, the Mirock head (which, has been written elsewhere, was carved from wood) fits so nicely with the angular Nextman body. Then, the combination of earthy and metallic paints put the figures over the top by bringing out the dual sides of the character. Sorry that sounds kind of 2nd yr art school LOL. :P

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