Thursday, December 23, 2010

Return to Harajuku for photo reshoot of Beauty/Kaiju events

I wasn't happy with the way some of yesterday's shots turned out (too yellow), so I headed back to Harajuku for some resnaps. I also wanted to take a longer look at the prints, art, and toys.

I especially enjoyed checking out Mark Nagata's prints, since they do a great job bringing out the character of the characters! Alien Argus as a fugitive on the run...Drazoran hanging out with his head literally in the clouds and sporting a very chill look....Alien Xam wearing a thoughtful, evil genius expression...

I also fiddled some more with Dream Rockets' fantastic new toy Gibaza. The lines and angles are so nicely balanced, and the sculpt and articulation are top notch - can't wait to see some painted versions.

I've updated the original post with replacement pics, new pics, and some more details about new releases. Check it out!

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