Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cronic Spotlight #7: 2007 WHF Hand Painted Dorogami

This is the first Spotlight on a hand painted Cronic figure. Koiwa-san started making brushed (as opposed to sprayed, as most kaiju figures are painted) hand painted figures about 6 months ago. By mixing paints, Koiwa-san is able to come up with paint schemes that replicate surfaces, like wood, marble, etc.

So far, Koiwa-san has made Hand Painted versions of every one of his 6 figures, except for Dorome.

This Dorogami was released at the World Hobby Festival in May, 2007. The figure has a kind of antique brass feeling to it.

First a couple of indoor shots.

Doro don't sleep wid da fishes

I like the contrast of the figure to the metal shelving here:

To the outdoors!

Some close ups:

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