Thursday, July 5, 2007

2007 Taipei Toy Festival Report Part 1

Every year, the Taipei Toy Festival gets bigger and better. Now in its 4th year, the show is so huge, it is rapidly outgrowing its venue. Thousands of people packed into the Miramar mall in Taipei to check out an amazing range of figures, from kaiju to handmade 12" figures to designer toys in every size.

This is Part 1 of Kaiju Korner's 2007 TTF report.

A small part of the line to get in:In the tradition of every great toy show, people camped out overnight for a good spot in line. The mall opened its doors very early in the morning so people could wait inside. Before the doors of the show opened, the line snaked from the 9th floor (where the show was held) down the stairs, floor by floor, to the first floor, and on and on...

Show entrance on the 9th floor:
One Up brought an incredible range of excellent toys. Here's a sampling.

Cronic figures:

Nougaki header card before being stapled onto the bag: Note from Koiwa-san, who wasn't able to attend:
T9G GID Rangeas:
Blobpus bonanza!!

Itokin Park goodness: Custom Skuttles:

Custom Skuttle by RealxHead:
Inside the show:

More pics to come in Part 2 of the report, in the coming days!

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