Tuesday, July 10, 2007

2007 Taipei Toy Festival Report Part 5

Now that the TTF is over, I've had a chance to photograph the stuff I picked up.

Cronic figures:

GID Rangeas:

Chewbacca Mimobot (Looks and works great - I've already put the wookiee to work!)
Sketch by Kaji-san (Blobpus):

Sketch by Michiko-san (Vinyl Junkies):
Sketch by Winson Ma:
Sketch by Ben (Gookii):

Thanks to everyone for the great sketches and great memories. I'm already looking forward to the 2008 TTF!!


Anonymous said...

hey andy, your such a Cronic fanatic !!! ha-ha.. awesome sketches .. very cool haul ! will miss you at SDCC this year ;-(

akum6n said...

The king of Cronic strikes again. I hope we will be graced with photo galleries of all of those toys.

Thanks for updating us with all of your event photos and commentary. I enjoyed it a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hey Andy, Darky from SB.

So what was the damage for the charity pieces? Did all of them sell ( I mean from the other creators ).

andy b said...

Thanks guys - yeah the TTF was a blast.

Shame I can't make the SDCC this year, Mark. Hopefully next year!

akum6n, I'll definitely be Spotlighting a couple of these figures!

Darky, I think most of the pieces up for auction sold. There was some pretty nice stuff up for sale.

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