Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cronic Spotlight #6: 2007 Winter WonderFestival Bakurasu

This red Bakurasu is one of my favorites. It really captures the spirit of the character. The figure was released in Feb 2007 at the Winter Wonder Festival at the Big Site in Tokyo.

The base color is solid red vinyl with multiple color apps sprayed on. The blues have a cool metallic hue which really pops under strong lights.

Speaking of which, it was HOT today - more than 38 degrees Celsius.

Before the shoot, Bakurasu wanted to cool off for a bit:

He strikes me as a perpetually hungry fellow. Here he is eyeing his prey:

To the outdoors!

Front: Side:
Close up:

Doing his best Adonis impersonation... Hanging out with the flowers: Que pasa...
Playgrounds are cool.
Slides are very cool. (But 40+ degree black floor padding baking in the open sun and burning this poor photographer to a crisp are not!)
Bakurasu mounts his steed and prepares for battle...


Keith said...

I have really taken to this sculpt and your pictures show it off beautifully. Great work and keep up the posts, they are a great resource.

andy b said...

Thanks Keith! If the weather holds up, I hope to head out to shoot another Spotlight tomorrow!

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