Friday, July 20, 2007

Cronic 2007 SDCC Exclusives Revealed!!

At the 2007 SDCC, 5 different Cronic exclusives will be sold at the Max Toy Co. booth. Like other Cronic releases, every figure was handpainted by Naoki Koiwa.

First, the worldwide show premier of Cronic's newest figure: Dorome. Two versions will be sold.


There will also be two new Dorogami's.

Painted: Unpainted:

Finally, a stunning clear rainbow Nougaki!
When you see Mark Nagata at the Max Toy booth, make sure to thank him with a smile. :O)

This year's SDCC - looking better than ever!!


Anonymous said...

hey andy, mark nagata will be in a daze during sdcc ! ha-ha, these look awesome.. as always ! FYI- these are SDCC exclusives and will not be pre sold or sold after SDCC by Max Toy Co.. sorry but only for sale to folks going to SDCC... see you there !

andy b said...

You guys have heard it from the man! Off to SDCC with ye to get yer Cronic exclusives and Max Toy kaiju goodies!

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