Thursday, March 15, 2012

New England, Clutter, and long layovers....

Amazing, I know - a KK post without 300 photos. That's because there's a whole lot going on, which is going to lead to some pretty amazing content very soon!

As I type this, I'm at JFK, waiting to head to Boston, and from there I'll be making a few other stops on the East Coast. I'm really excited to be visiting some super cool toy people, and I'll be road blogging all along.

I'm also working on my next piece for Clutter magazine. It will be a feature article/interview with Ricky Wilson, one of the core people at the center of the modern sofubi movement who not only is the force behind Velocitron but also the man with the plan helping sofubi makers like Splurrt and MVH get their toys made in Japan. Ricky's a really thoughtful guy, and I think you're really going to dig the piece. Support Clutter - it's just $10 for a really high quality mag!

Oh yeah, before I headed out from Tokyo for this trip, I took a grip of behind the scenes photos, as well as pics of custom and rare figures. I'll be turning those into posts in the coming weeks.

Fasten yer seat belts!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ask him about the 32 combination robot mini vinyl toyline he's doing with Smash Tokyo Toys.
Focussing on what he's done in the past/present you may miss what's coming up.
Everyone's ignoring those guys but the rumour is STT is going to go large.
Johnny Jams

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