Friday, September 17, 2010

Visit to Shintu Gangu

Shintu Gangu is Real Head's retail outlet in Japan. In addition to showcasing nearly every figure from Real Head's storied past, the store (which is run by Real Head creator Mori Katsura) provides fans with a chance to interact with the man behind Mutant Chaos, Mutant Head, and other legendary sofubi figures.

The shop is located near Aoto station, which is about 15 minutes from Nippori station. Aoto is on the same line as Machiya, which is home to Jarinko, another legendary toy shop. So it's nice to take in both shops in the same evening, if time permits.

Besides being a kind of Real Head museum, Shintu Gangu is also a great place to pick up the latest Real Head figures. Recently, shop visitors have been treated to a series of micro runs, with shop-only releases limited to around 10 pieces.

Here are today's micro releases. Classic metallic spray on a bronzish base:

Some more shots of the shop:

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