Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Old school Tokyo toy & candy shop

Stumbled on a great little candy/toy shop in Tokyo. It's just a few doors down from Araiyakushimae Station, on the Seibu Shinjuku line.

Sneak peek inside:
The store sells all kinds of ridiculously cheap gum (10 yen/pack), candy (28 yen/stick of sour apple candy - can't say it was the best I've had, but for 28 yen, I ain't complaining), and other sweets that take you back to the days when you could walk into a store with a pile of change and walk out with a handful of crap that would send you into sugar heaven - and shortly after into the dentist's chair - but who cared! It was candy!

No Nerds, Now and Laters, or packs of face sliming (once the world's largest bubble popped and covered your head) Bubblicious in this central Tokyo shop, but instead you have packs of gum adorned (why do I feel like I'm narrating A Christmas Story?) with images of Hello Kitty, Felix the Cat, and Super Mario. Call it a fair trade off!

Enough of the rambles down "Sorry, no kaiju reports today, but I hope you'll enjoy this slice of life blog post instead" lane, and onto the pics.
Cheap candy and toys galore (Ooh, I hope this theme gets me an "A"!)
The other cool thing about the shop is the vintage vibed display, with toys, books, comics, album covers, and tin adverts from decades past. Very nice...
The shop owner was very friendly, and I felt guilty about only spending 48 yen. But that bought me enough sugar covered goodness to remind me of the good old days of the old schoolyard. If you make it out there, tell her andy sent you. She won't have any idea what you're talking about, but who cares. It's candy!

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krakit said...

So many awesome toys
and candy everywhere.
What a great place!

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