Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Upcoming show: 怪獣全員集合 @ Billiken Gallery

This Saturday (October 2), the Billiken Gallery will host a show featuring 13 different artists. The show's title "怪獣全員集合" translates into something like "The Gathering of All Kaiju." That's pretty literal. Maybe "The Great Kaiju Gathering" rolls off the tongue a bit better?

Anyway, I love Sakabashira Imiri's (逆 柱いみり)work (I covered his group show at Kaiju Blue in June, 2009), but I haven't had the pleasure of visiting the gallery yet. It should be a great event, with a nice variety of artists like Picopico, Dream Rockets, Dehara, Yamomark, Elegab, Sakabashira Imiri of course, and a bunch more. Looking forward to it, and I'll post pics after the event.

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krakit said...

"I'll post pics after the event"

Thank you, sir. *bows*

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