Sunday, September 26, 2010

Superfestival 54

On a beautiful fall day in Tokyo, the monsters came out to serious force. Today's Superfestival was a fantastic show - an amazing gathering of toy fans, creators, collaborators, and special guests. There were debut releases of new figures, collabs between Western and Eastern designers, as well as mashups, one-offs, and new versions of venerable favorites. Figures were cast in sofubi, resin, clay, PVC, and who knows what else.

Bringing it all together was a great vibe as collectors, creators, and collaborators hung around the booths and talked toys. Hell, I even discovered there's a dirt cheap restaurant in the basement that isn't half bad!

Exit preamble - on to the good stuff.

Intrepid collectors there at 8:30 AM had a shot at scoring exclusive figures outside the con:
Doors opened at 10:30. There were a ton of new releases and exclusives.

Atelier G-1:
New Billiken figure:
Cord Viper:
Cosmo Knight Alpha:
Dr Strangetoys:
Dream Rockets:
Fig Lab and friends:

These were sold as a set. The colors represent every base color used for every Dai Kaiju Card Monsters release. Nice!
Max Toy Co and friends:
Love this new Dead Presidents figure!
Nerd One:
This was a display only mashup:
Pico Pico:
Real Head:

These were sold blind bagged:
Cool new Mirock versions:
Also blind bagged:
Refreshment Toys:

I was stoked to see them bring some one-off kaiju figures in addition to figures from the new anime line:
Spooky Parade:
Spooky Parade x Nerd One (the extra head and other parts are resin):
US Toys:
This was the debut release of this set:
Debut release of Lash's Ollie (quickly sold out!)
Ilanena paint version:
Besides all the great sofubi, Superfest is also a fantastic place to pick up new and old toys. There were dozens of stocked dealer tables carrying everything from vintage plush to diecast figures.

Here's a sampling of the tables, a few folks who popped by for the show, and, hey, what's a toy show without some cosplay:


krakit said...

Awesome coverage!
:D :D :D :D :D

I'm really liking the
Onell & RealxHead
Pheyaos prototype head
and the black Eyezon
customized by Dream Rocket.

I think I've been up and
down the entire set of
photos 4 or 5 times.
Thanks for such a great
review of the event, Andy B

andy b said...

Thanks dude. It was an awesome show!

Bob / Plaseebo said...

Hey Andy, thanks for the great photo coverage. Almost like being there.


andy b said...

Thanks Bob! Always a pleasure to hear from you.


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