Sunday, July 11, 2010

2010 Taipei Toy Festival (Part 4: Exhibitions)

This year, the TTF expanded to include an adjacent building in the Huashan Creative Park. That allowed them to host some interesting exhibitions which, I thought, were some of the highlights of the show. There were three exhibitions.

1) Selection of Bologna illustration artists. These were reproductions of some of the art pieces accepted to the Bologna Illustration exhibit. In addition to paintings and other illustrations reprinted and mounted on canvas, a series of animations was shown.

2) United Planet exhibit. I had seen some of the toys (from a Hong Kong duo) before but didn't know much about them. This exhibit featured a nice mixture of illustrations, comics, toys, sculptures, and animation.

3) I heart Kaohsiung statue exhibit. These guys have made the rounds in Taiwan. Some are also positioned in other parts of the Creative Park. What I find interesting about them is the range of the themes and motifes painted on the statues. You've got everything from abstract designs to traditional temple imagery to nostalgic cinema images.

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