Sunday, July 11, 2010

2010 Taipei Toy Festival (Part 3: Toys)

On to the main event: the toys at the 2010 TTF! Are you ready to vinyyyyyyyyyyyyyyl! Sorry, after spending hours sorting and posting images, my brain feels like Mankind and Mr. Socko took a liking to my gullet...

Pics in alphabetical order. Click on each image to see it's full size.

8 Style:
TTF Kinnikuman exclusives:
Amanda Visell's Seahorse + rider. Black colorway - Paradise exclusive:

Danke Schoen:
Eric So:
Hot Toys:
Mutineer Jun:
RC Work:
Rockin Jelly Bean (most of the booth was for display only):
Secret Base:
SB Rebel Inks (1 Blue Chrome, 9 GID, and 9 Rootbeers were sold - all sold out quickly):
Shon Side (Cap Duck):
Ultraman (this thing is really cool - the figures in the head spin around, and there are lights strung around the fatherbot):
William Tsang:
Winson Ma:
Other booths and interesting odds and ends:
Whew, that was a POST. But that's not all! Click here for Part 4: Exhibitions.


Yardarm51 said...

A lions job man! Can't wait for the tomorrow's report.

andy b said...

Thanks buddy! I'm just about done!

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