Saturday, July 10, 2010

2010 Taipei Toy Festival (Part 2: Guests)

This year's TTF featured guests from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, North America, and beyond. Though there were perhaps fewer designers in attendance than in previous years, it was still a nice mix of toy makers, graphic designers, fine artists, comic artists, mixed media artists, and mix and match permutations of all of the above.

Amanda Visell spent several seconds saying hello during the "stand on the stage and say hi" event and several hours (over the course of the TTF) signing, drawing, and chatting with fans.
Rocking Jelly Bean made his debut trip to Taiwan to meet, greet, and pose with non-masked attendees.
My good buddy Morry hung out with the 8 Style crew. No Ban Ban exclusives this year, unfortunately. (But he did tell me there's a new Ban Ban head sculpt coming soon <-- scoop!) William Tsang of Brothersfree. One of my favorite folks.
Kenny Wong of Brothersfree. Also a good bloke and more and more popular with his line of Molly toys.
One of the legends of Japanese manga, the co-creator of Kinnikuman, made the trip to Taipei to sign posters, comics, and toys for fans.
A-tui (Push), one of this year's poster designers and key guests:
Touma:That's just a sampling of the talented folks who traveled to Taipei for the 2010 TTF. (Say that fast 10 times!) I know, I want the toys. Done and done! Click here for Part 3: Toys.

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