Saturday, March 13, 2010

Real Head x Uamou show

Today at the Taito Designer's Village (just one train stop from Akihabara), a collaborative event featuring the work of Real Head and Uamou was held. The show featured individual exclusives from both designers, as well as some collaborative exclusives. There was also a a big display of toys, paintings, and other artwork.

The Village is one of many art spaces in Tokyo subdivided into lots of rooms for individual shows. Here's a map of the interior showing what's going on:

And a big feller greeting folks once they enter:
A counter-part greeter in the showroom:
Folks started lining up outside at 9:00 AM and were let into the building once the show opened at 11:00.

Real Head + Uamou working the booth:

There were a lot of mini figure exclusives, including the debut releases of a couple of Real Head characters:
Very cool cross over figure:
I think this was the debut of these guys:

GID cats:

A lot of figures and other works from both companies were nicely displayed:

It's not every day that a designer will show unfinished figures or parts of the production process, so this was a nice look at some uncut sheets:


Besides toys, there were also some sculptures and artwork:

Look out below!

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