Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blobpus exhibition @ Invade Three

Rounding out the recent triumvirate of Tokyo toy shows was the opening of a Blobpus exhibition in Koenji. The show features a couple dozen top notch customs by Kaji-san of Blobpus, one of the undisputed masters of kaiju spray.
The show, which will run for several weeks, is being held at Invade Three, a boutique store in Koenji.
The store carries clothing, accessories, hand crafted items, artwork, and more.
The show opening packed the venue, as the Suntory and wine flowed!

On to the toys. Kaji-san brought a grip of small, medium, and large toys, ranging from classics like the original Blobpus to a bunch of dwarfish minis and even some new characters, as well as other twisted creations brought to life by Kaji's brilliance.
This fellow is called Bufagin:

I love these mini mashups. I mentioned to Kaji-san they look part cute (kawai) and part scary (kowai), so why not call them koawai! (I think I had drunk a bit by then...)

Glowie dwarf minis!
Wrapping things up....the table setting!

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