Sunday, August 19, 2007

Talkin` `bout the night bus...

Ah the venerable highway bus from Tokyo to Osaka....There are tons of buses on this route. Some are really cheap - just 4000 yen (but they seat FIVE people per aisle, including one in a little seat that pops out in the aisle - nice...) and others are so so priced. I couldn`t get a window seat on the cheapie bus from Tokyo, so I took the nicer "New Dream" (8000 yen) from Shinjuku to Umeda. Left Shinjuku station at 11:40 PM.

I managed to catch a few winks. Problem is, these buses get in REALLY early. The New Dream wasn`t too bad - got in at 8:00 AM. Lugged everything to the hotel, changed clothes in the bathroom (it was one of those huge ones for handicapped folks, so no space/potential contamination issues (fortunately) LOL!!) And here I stand waiting for shops to open!

Looking forward to hitting up Pop Soda again, as well as Shocker and Charactics. Gotta have my tamago don and Suntory again (see the first Road Blog), to complete the cycle!

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