Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Day in Osaka...

Here's the New Dream that brought me to Osaka.

When I got into town, I was exhausted, wandering like a zombie through the massive Umeda area and TWICE going into the wrong station!

After I wrote the previous blog entry, I wandered around Shinsaibashi waiting for stores to open. I went into a Starbucks, sat on one of the plush cushy chairs and BAM! fell asleep for two hours! The staff must have taken pity on me, since I woke up and found a cup of water in front of me LOL. I felt like a lost dog...Dazed and confused, I had lunch....

Here are some shots from my later wanderings around Amerika Mura (a funky section of Shinsaibashi):

Canine Clothes!

Chax Colony's new location in a poshish shopping mall. Gloomy Bear lives!

This is a cool shop near my hotel. Everything inside (clothes, books, etc) is video game related. They were playing some funky video game music remix on the stereo. Sounded pretty cool!

A sit down Space Invaders game! They tripped the credit switch and let me have a go. Man I got slaughtered! Damned pre-Nintendo aliens - I shall have my revenge!

The last shot I could take (back in Umeda) before my camera battery died. I visited Charactics a minute after I took the shot. I'm going back tomorrow, so I'll put up some pics of the shop (including an upcoming new show exclusive) then.
Some shots I took of Pop Soda during my first day in Osaka:

In case anyone's wondering, yes I did have tamago don and Suntory again at the coin op/ticket restaurant next to Charactics! Will I feast on the same again tomorrow? Could be!!

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