Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cronic Special Focus #1: Black Zyurai Asu

This is the first Cronic Special Focus. The idea is to look at several versions of a figure across different styles, or to look at a style across different figures. I think it's an interesting way to highlight the many styles Koiwa-san works in.

In this focus, all the figures are black based Zyurai Asu's. (As always, click on each pic to see its full size.)

The first figure is the unpainted "prototype" Zyurai Asu. It's one of the "premier" (first versions) of the figure, released at the 2005 Wonder Festival. As Zyurai Asu was the first Cronic character, that makes this version one of the first Cronic figures ever made.

The next figure, released at the 2005 Summer Wonder Festival, is one of the first (possibly the first, actually) sprayed Cronic figures. This version is simply amazing, with purple and silver judiciously sprayed in different areas, allowing the black base to really pop, with the spray perfectly complementing the base color.

Next is a Cronic pinstripe figure. Koiwa-san started pinstriping figures in 2005. It was one of the first styles he worked in. Over time, the amount of striping and complexity increased. This figure, released at the 2007 Winter Wonder Festival, is one of the last pinstripes we've seen. It's probably the most complex pinstripe design used on any of his figures. The gold paint on the black base, with gold eyes and silver teeth, is really striking.

Finally, we have a "Hand Painted" figure. Koiwa-san started creating hand paints in late 2006 and only made a few of each of his characters. Because they took so long, he made less than 10 of each version. This hand paint has a silvery paint mix hand brushed onto the black base.


21 said...

Excellent write-up. Extremely infomative. Keep writing! =]

andy b said...

Thanks, I'll do my best!

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