Monday, July 29, 2013

Wonder Festival 2013 (Summer) / ワンダーフェスティバル 2013 (夏) - Indie Toys

Welcome to Kaiju Korner's mega post for the 2013 Summer Wonder Festival. In 250 photos, we cover booths from one end of the hall to the other. Sections are arranged in alphabetical order. Click on each photo to see its full size.

Angel Abby

 Many more pics after the jump:

Bear Model


Most of these were display only

Sold blind bagged

These painted figures were only for display

Gacha machine including the silver figures along the bottom row
Chima Group

Cosmo Knight Alpha

Today's release

 Display only:

Comet Debris

Bwana's figure

Creative Design


Fewture Models


Hinomaru, Itokin Park, TTT Toys

Amazing release. First time I've seen a mashup between an indie figure and one-day license figure.
 New Itokin Park figures!

New TT Toys figure

I believe this will be made available online by TT Toys, with overseas shipping available.


Jetturre and Handsome Tarom

The next two figures are from the same manga by Shigeru Mizuki,

Kaiju Ken
Mix of for sale and display only

Kaiju Shojo

New one day license figure





Max Toy

The Negora tank is getting there! Here the helmets and weapons are on display.

New Max Toy proto sculpt.

Jyujin by GEEK!

Loads of indie sofubi exclusive previews!

Mirock and Goccodo

New Goccodo figure proto sculpt. I mentioned it reminded me of Mars Attacks, and he got the reference, so maybe some inspiration there.

Paralyzing Toys (Nerd One, Refreshment, Fig Lab, Pop Soda, Shamrock, etc.)

 Pico Pico and Sunguts

PP Pudding


Secret Base

The clear and clear blue with insert were sold today. The other Mazingers were display only.

Surprise release later in the day.



New keshi gomu one-day license figures and some new colors of previously released figures

The painted figures were display only

This sofubi figure is about 7" tall

Unique design!

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snakepunchesfox said...

Awesome Post!!
TONS of great figures!
Love the Denboku faceless robot and Jetturre Mizuki figures.
Thanks so much Andy!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent coverage as usual, thanks Andy. This is really helpful for those outside JP.

Jake said...

DAMN dude. Yeah AMAZING coverage as always. Like being there! Names to toys I love but didn't know what they were called!

Anonymous said...

beyond words! thank you so much!

Onion said...

Sick photos andy!

I feel bad for whoever had to cut all the head/cape pieces for Samael. And those Buta! They slay me!

Thank you for the coverage.

Anonymous said...

Really great coverage Andy ~~ six

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