Thursday, July 25, 2013

SDCC 2013: Godzilla Encounter

To build up excitement for the upcoming Godzilla movie (2014 release), Legendary Pictures went to great lengths to deck out an offsite building in San Diego for fans to check out. Time stamped tickets were distributed at the LP booth in the con.

The site was something of an homage to previous Godzilla films, along with some tantalizing looks at what the creature will look like in the new film. That part was absolutely off-limits to photography, so all I can share is a look at the first part of the exhibit.

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100 yen shop! I imagine these were around decades ago - and still are in large numbers. Deflation shopping!

Huh??? Huh!

This was pretty awesome. They set up a retro style udon restaurant (which one can still readily find in Japan) in the middle of the exhibition...

...complete with a Japanese salaryman! He was reading this large sheet of folded paper covered with printed words. I want to call it a....print paper? Anyway, I talked to him for a minute in Japanese. (Woo hoo!) He said he hadn't seen Godzilla and there was no clear and present danger. Whew! We all lived to see another day.
A couple of toy shelves. Sorry for not having more detailed pics. We were rushed through the exhibit to make room for the next group. There were only 20 or so people per group, so understandably time was short to allow as many SDCCers as possible go through.

End of days chic

New movie poster. People were given a small version upon exiting.
So, in the final room, after we went through a rumbling "elevator," we were all in a (New York?) hi-rise. The "window" was a large screen divided by window frames, and we got a quick look at the monster walking past a couple of times. It had a very old school Godzilla look. Looking forward to seeing how the movie turns out!

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riCkNatioN said...

Excited about a new Godzilla movie but disappointed at the same time because it's not japanese... Great report.
A fake salaryman reading a fake newspaper... Hilarious!

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