Monday, July 22, 2013

SDCC 2013: Pushead @ Toy Tokyo event

Pushead brought an amazing selection of figures to this year's SDCC, including new versions of classic Pushead sofubi figures, collabs, and even a new figure!

Pre-event previews:
Pus x Nag!

Pus x HS!
 More after the jump:

New figure! This is skullHevi (the hydroDevil), designed by Pushead and sculpted by Betch. (This one is a test pull. Other unpainted colors were sold at the event.)
Kirkland of Toybot Studios kindly showed the other folks still in line some of the stuff he got:

Beautiful Fink Shit

So nice...
 More figures released at the event:

Add caption

Sold as a set

Here's a look at the full Nag header.

Some of the heads are super hairy.
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