Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Diggler & Doji-san tour the South: The road to Memphis...

Today Doji and Diggy hopped into our rented Sentra and joined us as we made our way from Birmingham to Memphis.
Rollin' down 78W
We pulled off the highway because, well, it was a highway and we saw horses and thought we might have a closer look. The boys went off on their own and sized up a ride of their own.

Airy and classy, but getting it out of the swamp would have been rough.
 Undeterred, D & D soon spotted an Alabama abode where they might settle down.
Bit of a fixer upper...

...but it sure had character!

Alas the stairway to nowhere was a deal breaker.
 So we piled into the Sentra and made our way to Memphis...
The road took us through Mississippi.
Later that night, after a Grizzlies game, we took a wrong turn, crossed the Mississippi River, and wound up in Arkansas. So in one day we were in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas. And we ate fried okra and potato wedges. Southern comfort!

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