Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cronic Pinstripe Set

Five or six years ago, out of the blue, Cronic set up a booth at a show and released a jaw dropping set of figures in a stunning display case. He called it something like the "Cronic Mania Set," and there were only one or two sold at the show. The set included 5 Cronic figures - Maverasu, Zyurai Asu, Dorogami, and 2 Nougakis - in a display case. Every figure except Dorogami had extensive pinstriping. Not only that, but the case's backboard and the front of the case itself had pinstriping and line art on it!

It was back at a time when there was limited information about a lot of indy sofubi makers, so one had to glean pictures and details wherever one could. Only a couple of indistinct photos floated around the Web. And so the set remained something of a mysterious legend for years.

Cronic made a few more sets for fans, but again very little info about them surfaced. I think at least one of the sets was broken apart and sold separately, since a couple of the individual figures have shown up at toy stores on the secondary market.

A little while back, I lucked into a complete set by chance, and I wanted to do the set justice with a proper photo shoot. Here are individual pics of each of the figures.

Zyurai Asu:
Spectacular red striping on a clear green base

IMO, this Maverasu ranks as one of the top five Cronic PS figures - maybe at the top alongside the Cronic Deathra.
 More after the jump:

This shot shows how two colors of ink were used.

 Nougaki 1:
An all-time top Nougaki

 Nougaki 2:



Ralph Cosentino said...
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Ralph Cosentino said...

Amazing figures Andy!
My Amber pintstripes are still some of my favorite sofubi.

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